Benefits of Aquaphor


Aquaphor is a healing ointment found at your local Walgreens or CVS pharmacy  If you take a little bit of Aquaphor and dab it on your face, it keeps your skin looking fresh. I dubbed it Aqua For Everything. Here are twenty ways to use it, beyonce, Lucy Lu to name a couple love it and you should too!



1. To prevent scars. Aquaphor helps protect minor cuts, scrapes, burns from becoming infected and boosts the healing time if you do get a cut.


2. To calm red, inflammed skin. Thanks to soothing bisabolol, an anti-inflammatory ingredient naturally occuring in chamomile, this ointment helps calm redness whether you have a cut or you're wiping your nose every five seconds because your allergies are acting up.

3. To soothe dry, flaky skin. Scaly skin isn't cute, so when the skin on your elbows, face, knees, heels, etc. is crazy dry, slather some Aquaphor on it to hydrate the hell out of it.


4. To get smooth lips. Not only can you swipe a coat over your lips to keep them soft and kissable, but you can also apply this ointment to your lips and then exfoliate your pout with a toothbrush using circular motions. The combo of the two will slough off dry, flaky skin, allowing you to layer on your lipstick flawlessly.

5. To prevent fine lines. Keeping your skin hydrated will help minimize the amout of fine lines and wrinkles you'll get on your face, since a wrinkle is a crease that occurs from a repetitive motion that is made (i.e. smile lines from smiling). So, if you keep your skin moisturized while you're young, you'll notice fewer wrinkles when you're older.



6. To heal mild eczema patches. By clearing the bacteria, dead cells, and dirt out of your skin's skin pores, the moisturizers and healing ingredients in Aquaphor can work deeper to help clear up eczema breakouts.


7. To help get rid of the flaky effects of Retin-A. This vitamin A derivative that is the gold standard in anti-aging, since it ramps up your skin's cell turnover, can often turn you into a lizardwoman thanks to the drying aspect of this topical cream. So, it's important to counteract the dehydrating factor with this product's hydrating elements, such as glycerin.


8. To remove makeup. Whether you made a mistake with your winged liner and need to touch it up, or need to wipe off last night's makeup the next morning, applying a little Aquaphor to your face before gently running a tissue or cotton swab over your makeup helps to remove it with ease.

9. To turn powder blush or eye shadow into a cream formula. It's easy, just dip your brush into your powder blush or eye shadow and then mix it with a little Aquaphor and voila!

10. To help keep your lipstick off of your teeth. When you're wearing a bold lipstick, you want to make sure your teeth don't wear it too. So, to ensure they don't, swipe a dab of Aquaphor over your teeth and the lipstick with slip against it instead of sticking to your pearly whites.

11. To extend the life of your perfume on your skin. Before spritzing your favorite perfume on, massage a little of this ointment onto the spot you're applying your scent to keep it lasting longer.

12. To add some luminosity to your skin. Want a dewier complexion? Run a dot of Aquaphor over your cheekbones or brow bones to highlight them subtly.

13. To give TLC to your cuticles. You don't always have a cuticle oil handy, but this ointment can double as your nail's BFF if dry cuticles crop up. Simply massage it into your nails and go!

14. To kick up your dull nail polish's shine. If your lacquer is looking drab, rub Aquaphor over your nails to revive the sheen.

15. To keep your nail polish from being impossible to open. You know that moment when you want to swipe on a nail color but can't unscrew the top for the life of you? To keep the lid from getting stuck, rub Aquaphor on the neck of your nail polish bottle; that way it's easier to open the next time.

16. To tame unruly eyebrows. No need to clutter your makeup bag with another product. Instead, encourage your brows to lay flat with a dot of Aquaphor and a spoolie brush that'll help you brush them into place.

17. To help you get an even faux glow. Self-tanner isn't fool-proof, so to ensure you don't walk away with orange knuckles, elbows knees, or feet — basically anywhere your skin might be drier — preemptively hydrate those areas so that they don't pull more color and leave you uneven by slathering on some Aquaphor.

18. To conceal split ends. You can't fix a split end unless you chop it off, but you can conceal them temporarily by running Aquaphor between your fingertips, and then applying the excess through the ends of your hair to help the dull, dry, ragged ends lay smooth and flat.

19. To prevent chaffing. If you're a runner and fall victim to chaffing, spread a little bit of this ointment in between your thighs and hit the ground running sans redness and irritation.

20. To shine your shoes. Don't have any shoe shine laying around, but need to make an old pair of leather kicks look new? Dip a dry washcloth into some Aquaphor and buff your shoes lightly to make them shine!


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